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Kings Armoured Security Services Limited

SPECIALIST armoured security services

Transporting money is a delicate area of business and we understand that in order to gain your Custom, we must first gain your confidence.

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Core Services


We come to you and ensure that the transition of cash between your business and your bank is smooth and secure.


We provide Cash Processing/Reconciliation Services for a range of Customers from single outlets to multi-sites.


Processing coins from ticket machines / car park machines / tills can by an extensive and time consuming job, this is where we help.


Taking money and coinage from a bank to your business can pose the same risks and dangers as depositing.

Our Testimonials

The Driver is always very friendly, polite and professional. We look forward to seeing them.

Always receive a prompt reply to any requests. Would highly recommend Kings Armoured Security Services.

First class Service delivered everytime by Kings Armoured Security Services Limited.

Kings Armoured Security Services Limited Business Continuity

SPECIALIST armoured security services in the midlands

Due to the sensitive nature of our business, we are unable to share our official Business Continuity Plan however with the recent increase in the number of cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) reported, Kings Armoured Security Services Limited make the following statement:

Unfortunately we are in unknown territory and cannot predict what will happen over the next few weeks/months, however can keep a sensible approach to the situation keeping our Staffs health and wellbeing as a priority.

The key is not to scare monger Staff and take a sensible approach to the pandemic.

These instructions have been displayed in all bathrooms at the Depot and Head Office.

Protective hand gel has been issued to Staff, however Staff have been advised that hands must be washed before applying the gel.

We have encouraged our Staff to be sensible in order that we do not have Staff missing, however have advised they have a certain responsibility for their own cleanliness.

Our Staff are encouraged to ensure annual leave days have been booked sporadically through the year to ensure they are not all taken towards the end of the year in order that they have sufficient rest and are generally fit and healthy for work.

Staff are rostered accordingly ensuring rest days are given where applicable.

Our drivers are flexible ensuring they have experience in a number of routes/trips in an aim to keep continuity of Service.

The following information guide has been circulated to all Staff:

Please be aware that as a Company we access www.gov.uk for information and updates on the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic.

This information can also be accessed by yourselves for any current Government information.

The following websites can also be accessed for further information, or if you have any concerns regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19):

  • www.who.in (World Health Organisation)
  • www.nhs.co.uk (NHS)