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Kings Armoured Security Services Limited

SPECIALIST armoured security services

Transporting money is a delicate area of business and we understand that in order to gain your Custom, we must first gain your confidence.

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Core Services


We come to you and ensure that the transition of cash between your business and your bank is smooth and secure.


We provide Cash Processing/Reconciliation Services for a range of Customers from single outlets to multi-sites.


Processing coins from ticket machines / car park machines / tills can by an extensive and time consuming job, this is where we help.


Taking money and coinage from a bank to your business can pose the same risks and dangers as depositing.

Our Testimonials

The Driver is always very friendly, polite and professional. We look forward to seeing them.

Always receive a prompt reply to any requests. Would highly recommend Kings Armoured Security Services.

First class Service delivered everytime by Kings Armoured Security Services Limited.

Kings Armoured Security Services Limited Privacy Notice

SPECIALIST armoured security services in the midlands

Kings Armoured Security Services Limited is a Data Controller under the Data Protection Policy 2018.

All Personal Information collected will be processed under that Act and for the purpose for which it has been collected for only.

We process Personal Information (including name/address/telephone number/e-mail address) for the purposes of:

  • Supplying accurate Cash Valuables in Transit proposals.
  • Lawfully adhering to Contractual Agreements including the collection, processing and depositing / crediting of cash.
  • Accurate submission of Invoices.
  • Answering queries submitted electronically.

Personal Information held will not be shared or processed further than its intended use, without prior consent from you the Data Subject.

All Personal Information held will be processed lawfully and fairly.

You as the Data Subject have the right to request a copy of the information we hold and ask for any inaccuracies to be rectified free of charge within 30 days. If Kings deem your request to be excessive or unfounded, we have the right to charge you for the information or in some cases refuse the request. You have the right to withdraw your consent for the processing of your Personal Information at any time.

Please be aware, if consent is withdrawn your Contractual Agreement with Kings Armoured Security Services Limited may be affected and we may not be able to continue your Service.

All Personal Information will be held on a secure server.

To safeguard your personal information, access is restricted to prevent unauthorised access, modification or misuse and is only permitted to authorised employees.

When using the external links on our website, we recommend you check the Policy of each website you visit as we cannot be responsible for the practices of others.

Kings Armoured Security Services Limited do not carry out any marketing exercises and will not supply your Personal Information to any third party.

For more information about our Policy, please e-mail admin@ka-ss.co.uk or submit your enquiry on our Contact Us page.